About Us

Hi, I'm Jacob.

I consider those participating and the validity of ideas and models discussed more important than who originated this small project. The models will prove themselves (or not) and be iterated and the value that the participants realize depends on the quality of their contribution to the groups and engagement with and criticism of the evolving Revolutionary Character ideals - the value is via true presence in the process. Current participants represent a diverse group - ranging in age from 28 - 48, coming from 11 countries and working at Google, Amazon, Zoom, Apple, Metabolic, in startups and pharma, or are self-employed as coaches, psychologists, or independent consultants. The project has already been massively improved and iterated by their input and I hope that this continues as I intend this project to be our ideas rather than mine - the truth does not stand still as we grow together.

The why of starting this project is perhaps important, so I will share a few words on that. Having built companies and managed them and teams in diverse contexts (my background if relevant), I could not help but notice that what tends to hold us back as individuals and groups is not the availability of knowledge or the "best" theory, but rather our inability to see reality for what it is rather than what we want it to be. If we are in fact able to do this, we also must accept this reality and move to act on it if we are to change ourselves and impact the world in our own unique manners. We all know that we need to lose weight, be more active and eat better, deal with our individual emotional issues, etc and what we need is not the perfect theory but simply to put one foot in front of the other to explore what works for us. And yet, it is sometimes so hard to get up just a bit earlier and put on our shoes to go for a short run! Having gone though my own journey of growth (which continues indefinitely) and experienced numerous modalities of coaching and therapy as well as having read hundreds of relevant books from psychology to "self help," philosophy and scientific papers, I recognize this ground truth in myself.

Revolutionary Character is my own small contribution to help us build the capacity for change within ourselves so that we can thrive and ever more effectively contribute to the problems faced by our friends and families, our communities, and humanity as a whole. The focus is on building this capacity while inspiring others to do the same rather than excessive theory, leaving individuals free to pursue their own ideals rather die on the climb towards another's ideology. I believe deeply in the potential of humanity rooted in beautiful imperfection and know that we have within us what we need to change and deal with poverty, inequality, hunger sustainability, climate change, and all the challenges we face. I hope that the project takes on a life of its own as others contribute their perspective to make it more impactful, and I can already see this happening with the first groups. I hope to see you there!


July 2020