Building Capacity to Lead Change in an Exponential World

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We are profoundly lucky to live in a world filled with inspiring ideas, scientific progress, and enormous amounts of free information on the internet. If ideas alone were enough, though, wouldn’t we already live in a utopia? 

Separating the good from the bad and the true from the false requires critical thinking and this is perhaps one of the key bottlenecks to addressing challenges like sustainability, inequality, and climate change. However, even when the perfect idea is identified, the process of change itself is difficult. Who has not struggled with doing what they already know they need to do - like exercising more, having a difficult conversation with a partner or coworker, or simply saying no to a request that does not align with our values? 

Society and organizations consist of individuals, and the potential for change at this level is the sum of each individual’s ability to do so. If we can't change ourselves how can we hope to contribute to better organizations, a better society, and a better world?

The 26 week Revolutionary Character course (done in small groups) empowers change at an individual and organizational level, combining empirically-supported theories with critical discussion and community. It is built on foundations of neuroscience, humanistic and positive psychology, flow science, and ACT Therapy and brings the science behind human thriving, change, and performance to change makers – allowing us to live better while unlocking the human creativity and drive needed to solve problems in an exponential world.

Are you ready to confront the difficult to inspire change in yourself and others? Join Revolutionary Character to build capacity to act as a change-maker in your organizations and society! 

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