"The Revolutionary Character course has been one of the most useful leadership courses that I have participated in. While, like many leadership courses, it is centered around the self, I have found the content and approach to be more engaging and pragmatic to implement than other courses I have followed. In particular, I found the variety in exercises to try out to be valuable, as it allowed me to apply greater investment in areas where I felt I needed to place additional attention, and to only “check-in” on other aspects of my needs, which I had been doing well on already. The supporting exercises and literature were always (comfortingly) supported by empirically sound foundations, and I was able to dive in deeper to key topics of interest. I found that applying what I learned through my participation in the course came easily, through engaging with the exercises, some of which I have picked up as ongoing habits, as they do benefit me. I have found myself to be better able to deal with and manage stressful situations in life, and it has manifested in better outcomes for me and my teams. I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to make the investment in effort that is required, the payoff is disproportionate."

  • Vlada, Senior Principal, Value & Transformation Advisory at Google

"The Revolutionary Character course taught by Jacob has provided me with concise, prescriptive and important lessons on how to think about being the best version of myself and performing at my best. While I was familiar with many of the individual concepts beforehand, Jacob's ability to condense the literature and research into actionable, thought-provoking and group discussions is very helpful and impressive. While I enjoyed the course and the relationships/conversations had, I believe that having access to such information and checking in every 3-6 months will help me continue to strive to be the conscious human being and leader that I'd like to strive to be which is a continuous process. Thanks Jacob and two thumbs-up, I'd be more than willing to endorse and speak with others interested in taking his course."

  • Michael, Director of EMEA Business Development at Zoom

"The Revolutionary Character course fulfill the need for us to both be seekers whilst being a ruggedly practical way of implementing change in both our professional and personal lives. Jacob has taken what works from disparate sources including philosophy and business and created a course that allows people to make changes in their lives and iterate based on their learnings and the learnings of others. A valuable practice to learn."

  • Maruan, Executive Director of Business Strategy at Mormedi

"Among others, the Revolutionary Character course provided me with an amazing opportunity to engage in a healthy & highly constructive self-critical thinking process thanks to a mix of theory and hyper practical exercises. This allowed me to clearly identify and find a solution to the key obstacles slowing me down in my growth as a human being (both in my personal and professional context) and preventing me to fully exploit my inner potential. Also sharing and engaging in thoughtful talks with the group enabled me to spot faster my contradictions and realize that I was not the only one struggling with certain aspects of my life (we all do!)."

  • Alex, Head of Business Development at Evolution Europe